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Freeze-Dried Foods


Freeze-dried foods were originally produced for military personnel and astronauts who needed food that was convenient and could be stored for an extended period of time. This was due to the limitations of readily-available frozen and canned foods. Frozen foods need a cool stable storage location, and canned/dehydrated foods will eventually lose their flavor and nutritional content.

Freeze-dried foods have emerged as an important part of Campfire Meals as they have a long shelf life and are very convient to pack/store. Freeze-drying food also preserves its color, freshness and aroma; renders it completely shelf-stable; and freeze-dried foods are easy to prepare.

Benefits of Freeze-Dried Food

Long Shelf-Life: A freeze-dried food that is sealed can be stored at room temperature for many years without the threat of spoilage. Campfire Meals uses a packaging systems comes in heavy-duty mylar pouches for compactness and portability. They have a 7-10 year shelf-life and are completely water tight

Convenient Storage: Our food packages are compact, so you don't have to use a ton of space. Ready to go bags are available as well to be used when needed on the go.

Easy Preparation All you need is water. It's recommended that you use hot water as this will reconstitute the food the fastest (8-10 minutes), but you can certainly use cold water too if that's all that's available.

Nutritious Freeze-dried foods don't lose their nutritional value like other food preservation processes. Because the process doesn't involve high temperatures and other extreme measures to lengthen a food's shelf life, the food's nutritional value, taste, texture and color shouldn't diminish or change for a long time. In fact, freeze-dried foods have been found to last for 25 years or more.

Gourmet Quality Campfire Meals taste great too. Unlike our competitors, you and your family will actually recognize and like our foods. Our survival foods make real meals that you will enjoy whenever you need them.

Nutritional Facts Information: downloadable/printable pdf

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