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Campfire Meals - Premium Freeze-Dried Food

Just because you're roughing it doesn't mean you have to eat like your are.

We're the North American leader in freeze-dry food since 1962, and we're excited to bring our premium quality foods to outdoor adventurers with Campfire Meals! With Campfire Meals, we have taken our delicious tested and proven meals, and packaged them in convenient lightweight pouches that are ideal for your next outdoors adventure. Even better, all of our meals can be prepared right in the pouch by simply adding hot water.

Since our meals are freeze-dried, they contain natural meats, vegetables, and dairy, making them more nutritious and better tasting than the competition's dehydrated options. Additionally, since we are the manufacturer, Campfire Meals provides you with premium freeze-dried meals at the price of the cheap, dehydrated alternatives.

Campfire Meals is perfect for any outdoor activity, including: camping, backpacking, fishing, hunting, scouting, or just for a quick meal. Find out for yourself how good camping food can be by taking Campfire Meals on your next outdoors adventure!

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